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The art and business of selling jewelry in a big world.


Growing up on a farm in the heart of Michigan, I constantly marveled at my grandmother's ability to make things, anything. Wonderful breads, slipcovers for chairs, paintings of the pond, mirrors with get the idea.

After years of being a sales girl in technology, my propeller has started to spin in the opposite direction. My creative side wants out and I am expressing myself through jewelry making. I can feel my grandmother looking in on me now and then with a smile.

The beads and their various applications intrigue me to be sure. What I didn't expect was the fantastic, creative people I would meet in this business. As much as I cherish time at my work table, I relish the time with peers and customers, discussing the sales and marketing aspects of the craft business.

I am not sure where this journey will take me yet, but I truly am going to enjoy the colors along the way!


Family, travel, business, reading, sports, crafts, social media, social networking, and home improvement.